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Dentist in New Orleans

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Dentures in New Orleans

Dentist in New Orleans
Dentist in New Orleans

Dentures are a mainstay when it comes to replacing lost teeth. After all this time, they are still a popular choice because they get the job efficiently and cost-effectively. Here at Smile Philosophy Dental Care, we’re proud to make both partial and complete dentures available for our valued patients like you.

Partial dentures are also called removable bridges, and are the solution to turn to when you have just a few teeth or just one that you need to restore. Having that empty space is certainly an aesthetic issue, but it’s also one related to comfort. Your other teeth can shift and that is not fun. Your bite, or occlusion, may also be thrown out of its proper alignment. Your ability to chew could also be compromised. So let our dentist in New Orleans take impressions that will be used to make your new dentures. And if you have lost all of the teeth on your upper or lower jaw, complete dentures give you the same advantage as their partial counterparts. Both are built the same way at the dental lab: a plastic base is colored to resemble your gums. It’s supported with a strong metal structure. Attached to the base are the appropriate number of prosthetic teeth. Partial dentures will also have clasps on either side to attach to your other teeth for greater stability. All of the dentures you get from our dentist in New Orleans are held in at the gum line with adhesive. Simply take them out to rinse after eating, brush them once per day, and soak them overnight. With just a little effort, you’ll find that dentures serve you very well.

Our dentist in New Orleans is prepared to help you get back your full smile. Call us today to set up an examination and consultation.

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