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Metal Free Crowns in New Orleans

Dentist office New Orleans
Dentist office New Orleans

You may have concerns about metal in restorations due to the fact that it stands out against the color of your teeth. It used to be that metal crowns were revered for their strength, but advancements have led to metal free crowns here at Smile Philosophy Dental Care. Ceramic give you the level of dependability you need and the outstanding match to your tooth color that you want. Our dentist office New Orleans is pleased to offer them to you, our valued patient.

A natural and seamless appearance is important. When you consider how often people opt for cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and veneers, it becomes clear that restorations need to blend in rather than contrast. And thanks to our metal free crowns, as far as anyone else can see, it will be as if you don’t have a crown at all. Of course, this is more of an issue with a tooth that is visible when you smile or laugh. For those teeth in the back, the color of your crown isn’t much of a concern. Furthermore, those teeth take the brunt of the force when you chew, so the additional strength of metal can be a benefit. Getting a new crown of any type material will usually take two sessions at our dentist office New Orleans. First, impressions are taken and they are sent to the dental lab. They use those guidelines to fashion your crown so that it will fit you with a high degree of precision. When you come back to our dentist office New Orleans, you’ll have the crown placed. Some drilling of the tooth is required to make a proper fit. The crown is cemented to the top of the tooth, after which you can be confident that it will give you a fully restored tooth that is dependable.

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