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Emergency dental care in New Orleans

New Orleans dental office
New Orleans dental office

There are two common reasons for needing emergency dental care, and those are toothaches and any tooth that has been damaged from an accident or injury. At Smile Philosophy Dental Care, we are sensitive to the fact that such urgent matters cannot wait, and therefore we make our New Orleans dental office available on short notice for such incidents.

Everyone gets a toothache, sooner or later. When you consider the typical reasons for them, which include cavities, lost fillings, and chips or cracks in a tooth, it’s easy to see why they develop so frequently. A toothache could be mild all the way up to excruciating, but no matter what, it requires prompt attention. Toothaches tend to mean that your inner tooth is exposed, and that leaves you vulnerable to an infection, which would then require a root canal. The more quickly you are seen at our New Orleans dental office, the greater the chance of avoiding that scenario. On the other hand, an accident or injury may result in your tooth coming loose from its socket. If that tooth is still attached, it is referred to as being dislodged. And if it has come completely free, it is called avulsed. You should get to our New Orleans dental office right away, and in the case of an avulsed tooth, keep it moist until you get here. You can do so by putting it in a container of milk or in warm water with a pinch of salt. Not all such teeth can be saved, but our urgent dentist will make every effort to do so. Dislodged teeth can often be put back in their sockets, and held in with wire or a splint until they fully heal. Avulsed teeth will nearly always need root canal to be treated successfully.

Don’t waste a moment when you need our emergency dental care. For toothaches, dislodged or avulsed teeth, or any other situation that is related to your oral wellness, we’re here to accept your call.

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