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Preventative dental care is taking the necessary actions to keep your teeth and gums healthy in attempt to prevent oral health problems. Preventative dental care involves maintaining a daily oral health care regimen and getting regular dental checkups and professional cleanings. If it’s been more than 6 months since you’ve seen your New Orleans dentist, you should schedule an appointment.

Preventative care is extremely important in maintaining good health. There have been recent studies that have shown that oral hygiene not only affects your oral health but your general health as well. A good preventative dental care program is designed to prevent dental health problems from occurring in first place and allows your New Orleans dentist to diagnose and treat oral health issues early on. Early diagnosis allows for early treatment which helps to prevent problems from worsening & further problems from developing. A good preventative care plan is essential for your overall well-being and is a team effort. It involves the cooperation of you and your professional dental team. Therefore, choosing the right dental practice; one that has a solid preventative dental care program in place, like ours at Smile Philosophy Dental Care is crucial. A good preventative program is one in which the dental team educates the patients on good oral hygiene practices. It also involves visiting the dental office regularly for checkups and professional cleanings. You should visit your dentist every 6 months or as directed by your dentist. In between those visits, you should implement the proper self-care techniques and practices as directed by the dental team. You should brush your teeth and floss well twice a day. However, don’t forget to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. Your tongue accumulates bacterium that needs to be removed as well. Your diet also places a role in your oral health. Limiting cavity causing foods such as foods high in sugar will help a great deal.

If it’s been more than six months since you’re last dental visit, contact our office. We’ll set up your appointments with our professional New Orleans dentist & dental hygienist.

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