New Orleans root canal

New Orleans Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in New Orleans

New Orleans root canal
New Orleans root canal

Smile Philosophy Dental Care is your premier dental office for a New Orleans root canal. Root canal therapy is done when there is inflamed pulp inside the tooth. The inflamed pulp can cause redness and swelling, as well as pain around the area, and sensitivity to hot and cold substances. We perform your root canal therapy in a clean, comfortable office with relaxing surroundings, to put you at ease during all of your procedures.

A New Orleans root canal is a procedure that is done in our offices and with as little pain as possible. If you have any questions about your root canal procedure, give us a call today so that one of our knowledgeable staff can help answer questions as well as schedule your appointment. We also can handle emergency root canal treatment. If the tooth has become decayed to the point where a root canal cannot help it, we may perform an extraction on the tooth. We specialize in all aspects of dentistry, and do our best to help our patients feel safe and comfortable while they’re here at our offices. Both kids and adults enjoy coming to visit us and are in and out quickly after their dental work is done.

Besides a New Orleans root canal, we also perform regular dental services such as teeth whitening, fillings, crowns and caps, and tooth implants. We are a one-stop dental office, and are open a variety of hours so that we can accommodate our patients schedules. We’re open Saturdays by appointment, which some of our patients appreciate as it is the only day they can get away from work or life to attend their dental needs. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Discover as well as personal checks and cash. Call us to ask if we accept your insurance plan.

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